LL04-18JR Runni Air Cooler (6L)
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Brand Senyo
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*3 speed settings 
*Water can be loaded from the top and bottom 
*Swing function 
*Water level indicator
*6L capacity
220-240V 50Hz 65W
 * Plastic
For household and indoor use only.
Do not use in wet or damp locations 

Product Detail:

  • 6L capacity
  • 3 Speed Setting
  • Water level indicator
  • Water can be loaded from the top and bottom
  • Plastic


(1). To get fresh air this summer will be easier with handy cooler,which works through the process of evaporation of water.

(2). It is quiet, easy to carry anywhere could serve, for example in the office or in the bedroom, in the kitchen or on the go.

(3). Handy cooler has a 3-speed fan,I ndicator,a water level indicator, adjustable air outlets. Improves ventilation of the room

(4). Also ideal to humidify the House during dry periods and let us enjoy the cool on hot summer nights. 

           【Working Principle】

(1). Evaporating air cooler-it sucks in hot air through the back and then passes that hot air through a moisture chamber.

(2). As the air comes out the other side, it evaporates and thereby dissipates the heat, leaving cool air to blow about the room for Maximun Comfort.

                【How to use it】

(1). Keep it balance and open the water tank lock.

(2). Add water or water with ice cubes or essential oil in the water tank.

(3). Upwards to open the wind shield, and downward the front water tray.

(4). Press the power button , the fan start to work.

(5). If you need to open the Humidification function, turn the humidification function button on.

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